The Cathedral at Florence

Cathedral Florence

This dreamy, picturesque town of Florence will completely entrance you. It has a small town feel and is very charming in its architecture. Today, I will take you inside Florence’s Cathedral. It is the third largest Cathedral in Europe. Yes, its size is the first thing you will notice as you walk into the Square. Immense is an understatement. You just can’t capture it all in one shot.

Cathedral Florence

Look at that spectacular architecture. The exterior is done in white, red and green marble; you can’t have enough of gazing at it. The entry to the Cathedral is free of cost.  You can expect long lines and a lot of people at all times. But the lines move on quickly.

Cathedral Florence

There is, however, a fee to be paid if you climb to the top of the Duomo (Dome) to get an amazing view of the Florence city.

Cathedral Florence

The Dome is designed in the Renaissance style and the baptistry is right across. The Dome is a sturdy structure that can withstand earthquakes, lightning and, of course, the passage of time.

This Cathedral stands tall over the city of Florence. It is dedicated to the Santa Maria del Fiore, the Virgin of the Flower. It was completed in the 15th century.

Cathedral Florence


The inside is relatively simple but the walls and the ceilings have beautiful paintings. Don’t forget to gaze at the stunning mosaic pavements.

Cathedral Florence
The altar

This is not only a mesmerizing monument but it has something very calm and peaceful about it. So much so that the husband and I went back sans the kids to admire its beauty once more.

The Square is always buzzing with activity. You can also do some shopping especially pick up leather goods that Italy is well-known for. I bought some pure leather purses sold by a Bangaldeshi who was fluent in Hindi and very happy to see us.

Florence is the crown jewel of Tuscany. A bit chaotic in terms of traffic but nothing compared to back home in India. Much more than Rome, it was Florence that stole my heart with its elfin charm. Of course, there are the Uffizi and Accademia Galleries where you can marvel at the real statue of David in marble. You can see many of its imitations all over the Square. And, yes, we did make the trip to the beautiful wineries of Tuscany. That will come up in the next post.

Hope you enjoyed this journey.

14 thoughts on “The Cathedral at Florence

  1. You know, it will take me a long time to get over the first and the third picture. Such a beauty!

    It looks so beautiful and peaceful that I could spend a whole day there. Good you guys went back without the kids to bask in the beauty once again.

    I’ll be book marking this place for my grand Europe tour, whenever that happens.

    • rachna says:

      You can imagine how astounding the Cathedral is face to face. It is really very beautiful. I must tell you that if you visit Italy keep more time for Florence and Tuscany. I heard that Siena is very picturesque but we had not included that in our itinerary.

  2. Rachna you brought back memories of my own trip to Italy last summer! The Duomo is indeed a beautiful structure! In fact all the buildings in Florence and Rome looked like monuments to me! Best part is everything has been preserved and maintained so well.

  3. I don’t know what to say. Every time you post about Italy and I start dreaming. You know already how I feel about this beautiful, beautiful place. Thank you for taking us on a tour again 🙂

  4. Wow! I couldn’t go past the first thing for a long time. Stunning captures, Rachna. How I wish I could take a trip to Europe! I am new to your travel blog. How did I miss reading this space, I have no idea. I will drop in again for sure. 🙂

    • rachna says:

      Thanks, Lata. We went here twice in two days. You can imagine how smitten we were by it. It is impossible to capture its beauty in its entirety. I tried to capture some images to reminisce.

  5. Uff! Just take my breath away gorgeousness that is !
    Can I confess something? I just scrolled up and down twice just looking at those images, and only then read the piece!

    • rachna says:

      Thanks, Sid. I can totally understand that. It is such an astounding monument. The architecture just floors you. I tried to keep the pictures large and the text low. After all, with such beauty who needs words.

    • rachna says:

      Oh absolutely, Alok. When you go to Italy, don’t miss Florence. We just sat around for so much time just looking at it from all angles. The place is so packed with people and yet provides you a lot of time and space to explore it at leisure. Florence is a small city and the Dome in a way defines it. Glad that you enjoyed the pictures.It is quite a task to try to capture it as it is just immense.

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