Venice 1

The Beautiful Sights and Sounds of Venice in Italy

Venice – the city made of 100 small islands and connected only by canals has no other transport except what runs on water. Just the name conjures images of romance, of gondolas and charming bridges, of narrow alleys and mysterious allure and of a nightlife truly intriguing. You can’t make a trip to Italy and Read More


A Trip to Pompeii Ruins Near Naples

Italy is so beautiful. I just can’t seem to get over the natural beauty and historical significance of the place. Not to mention that a great climate, lovely produce and wonderful people, you almost feel like packing your bags and living there. If only, I had that kind of money. Anyhow, we decided to go Read More


Rome Diaries – Pantheon and Trevi Fountain

You can catch up with the previous two posts Italian Diaries – Sneak peek of Rome and Rome Diaries – Colosseum and Palatine Hill before reading ahead . Continuing on our Roman adventure, we decided to do a self-guided tour of Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps, all architectural delights. We got off on the same Read More