A Trip to Pompeii Ruins Near Naples

Italy is so beautiful. I just can’t seem to get over the natural beauty and historical significance of the place. Not to mention that a great climate, lovely produce and wonderful people, you almost feel like packing your bags and living there. If only, I had that kind of money. Anyhow, we decided to go Read More


Rome Diaries — Colosseum, Palatine Hill and fun

Just like all travellers, we had a list of things to experience and do (concentrated around eating) when we visited Rome. The large city is fairly modern with its public transport being easy to follow and use. Each Metro train and bus station has displayed large routes with Metro numbers and bus numbers and their stops Read More


Italian Diaries: Sneak Peek of Rome

European cities are beautiful. A fantastic public transport, friendly people and an unrushed life makes for some great tourist destinations. But Europe is on  edge after the recent terror attacks in Belgium and Paris as is apparent from the large army presence at almost all monuments, railway stations and airports. There is also a raging Read More


The Royal and spectacular Jodhpur

India lives in its small towns. Amid the squalor and narrow lanes exists warmth and hospitality.  Here the neighbors still know each other’s families since generations. There is a beautiful element of culture and tradition yet a brush with modernity and a burning zeal to excel. I love to travel, and some of my most Read More